A list of useful places I’ve encountered around the web. Nothing google can’t find, but hey, might be useful to someone.

Meet like-minded people:
Synth DIY sites:

These are places where I’ve bought components in the past, so definitely not a complete list. I’m not affiliated with any of these vendors, nor am I responsible for their actions. They all deliver in Europe.

  • Musikding – Has Coolaudio, THAT and Electric druids IC’s as wel as various other audio related components
  • Banzaimusic  – Has a nice selection of audio related and ‘harder to get’ components ( Coolaudio, THAT, … )
  • Thonk – Well known, huge selection of kits but also a few useful components like jacks, however their shipment is extremely expensive.
  • Electric Druid – Great selection of IC’s, including the various re-issues of the IC’s from the golden age of synth design.
  • Conrad – General purpose component store, reasonable shipping times, not the best website.
  • Ali Express – Cheap Chinese stuff. You’ll find a lot of components for very little money but don’t expect quality products or fast delivery.
  • jlcpcb – Cheap Chinese PCB manufacturing. Pretty fast delivery given they’re half way around the world. Be aware you’ll probably be hit with import taxes.
  • Mouser – One of the huge shops. Pretty decent store, relatively easy to find what you’re looking for and good shipping times.
  • TME – German component distributor, fast shipping times, large component selection with a user friendly website. Good prices although for a lot of product you have to buy minimum quantities.