MT-1 – Voltage meter – PCB & Panel


This voltage meter will measure voltages for you like nothing else. On top of that there are no less than 14 leds to brighten up the place. What would a modular be without some blinking leds.

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For all your needs when it comes to blinking lights. This simple to build voltage meter will look great in any setup. Also, it helps in visualising signals throughout your modular setup. It designed to visualise signals between +7 and -7volts in 1V steps, which is a wide enough range to cover most audio and CV signals in the Eurorack world.

The reference voltage can be set by a trim pot which enables you to chose a different maximum voltage if you want. You can build it with leds in any color, so you might as well get creative.

Some ideas for different styles:

  • VU meter: Red, green, yellow leds.
  • Devils red: All red
  • Show your pride: Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and white leds.

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This build uses Thonk’s PJ302M 3.5mm jacks.

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Current Draw +12V rail


Current Draw -12V rail


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Built & Tested, DIY kit, PCB & Panel