Metal-o-tron II – PCB & Panel


Metallic Percussion Sound Generator.

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An Eurorack module designed for a wide range of metallic percussion duties with a focus on performance control. From hihats to tin cans, it does a lot of classic sounds but the flexible synthesis engine lets you do plenty more experimental percussive ones as well. The available performance allow you to push things further then the straight and steady 16th note closed hihat. Open-closed, subtle timbre and velocity variations,

The Metal-O-Tron II is a real powerhouse of a percussion module. Let’s see what it has under the hood.

  • A highly controllable metallic sound generator with an extra input for adding life to the sound.
  • A Noise fancy generator.
  • An External audio input.
  • Resonant filter section simultaneously providing a Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass mode.
  • CV controllable filter.
  • CV controlled Decay time.
  • Velocity control.
  • A drone mode.

This product contains only the PCB & Front Panel. You need to source your own components.

A small demo video here:

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