Can I Kick It?


Can I kick it? Yes you can.

A percussion module designed to kick, but it does so much more. The sound generation is done by cross-modulating 2 wide range variable waveform oscillators (now that’s a mouth-full). Long story short, it’s a wickedly versatile sound source. Classic sounding dance kicks, distorted kicks and industrial noises, IDM weird glitchy bleeps and bloops and everything in between. If you are looking for something that’s definitely not a clone of the 808/909, this might be the one for you.

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Feature list

  • 2 independent oscillators with a wide frequency range (approx 3Hz to 7kHz)
  • seamless transition from triangle over sine to square wave
  • External FM modulation inputs
  • OSC A can modulate OSC B, and OSC B can modulate OSC A, making cross modulation possible
  • OSC A/B level/mix
  • CV controllable decay time
  • Attack time control and amount per oscillator.
  • Not a 808/909/… clone
  • Velocity control input for added expressivity
  • Publicly available schematics and common through hole components ensure any capable technician will be able to do repairs if needed, or if you feel adventurous, modding and circuit bending is also an option.

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Additional information


12 HP


45 mm

Current Draw +12V rail


Current Draw -12V rail


Build Level

Built & Tested, DIY kit