Pulse Modular Music Fest

I’ll be hosting a DIY workshop at the Pulse Modular Music Fest where you can build the VCF-1 from kit. Entrance for the event is 10€, the workshop is an extra 25€, which includes the kit (PCB, Front panel and all components) So if you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to come and participate, there are plenty of fun things to do.

More info: http://pulsefestival.be
Tickets: https://www.nostamusic.be/agenda/pulse-modular-music-fest/

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The Oscillator One – update 1

I’ve put some updated schematics for the oscillator one online.  Changelog:

  • Changed Linear Ramp output volume so it’s in line with the other ones (R59 to 20k instead of 10k)
  • Changed the sensitivity of the coarse and fine knobs (R10 and R11)
  • Used an LM4040 to create a 5V reference instead of L7805 and L7905 voltage regulator. I hope this will improve stability when switching octaves.
  • Added a potentiometer for the saw animation in