The ring modulator is one of those effects which have been in the synthesists toolbox since the early bleeps of R2D2. It’s a fun little thing to have even if you don’t really know what it does exactly. It makes things go whrrrrrrbrrrrfliieeep, and that’s cool enough. So, why notContinue Reading

One of the first things I tried when I started designing modules was building a distortion/saturation for my modular. It was also one of the first things I totally failed at, several times. I’ve build about a dozen different circuits, none of them did what I wanted it to do.Continue Reading

As with most nodules I design, I just needed something. This time I was in need of a sample and hold module to silence the inner R2D2 in me. I had the circuit already implemented in various other, more complex modules, so it wasn’t a big adventure in getting theContinue Reading

I found myself setting up a simple bass patch on various occasions. Since I hate doing the same task over and over again, I immediately start to ponder a way to automate things. An thus was born the Big Bass Machine, a module made to rattle your speaker cones toContinue Reading

Taking this wise words of A Tribe Called Quest into account I thought it was about time for a kick drum module. I already have a few drum modules, but the lack of a decent kick drum was a bass-drum size hole in my setup. So I set out onContinue Reading

It’s one of the modules I use a lot, so I thought it was about time to get rid of the prototypes I have in my rack and build one that looks more like the real deal. I’ve taken all good things from the first 2 versions, ditched all theContinue Reading

Third batch of the old school VCA has landed. A few minor changes have been implemented in the design to get rid of the annoyances I encountered using them. And since I’m the C-level executive of S&C, whatever I say goes! I also empty the trash bin and mop theContinue Reading

For another project I’m working on I needed a multimode filter. For the uninitiated, its a single filter that has a HP/BP/LP function, and does it all simultaneously. An OTA design is fairly common for this type of filter, so that’s what I did. Now, there are a zillion differentContinue Reading

I don’t normally give modules names as I think it’s kind of confusing, but while working on this module, a fitting name popped into my head and there it stuck. And from that moment on this module shall be called ‘the leech’.Continue Reading

I accidentally, a filter. Who knew that could happen. Maybe I’m picking something up about that whole electronics stuff after all. One can dream. But here it is and I proudly call it VCF-2, quite original, I know. But I ran out of cool sounding names a while back soContinue Reading

We don’t often like to admit it, but we all like the blinking lights in our studio. I don’t use many leds in my modules, only when I feel it would add something to the usability, but this one is all about the fancy lights (also this is posted closeContinue Reading

There’s that saying that you’ll never have enough VCA’s in your modular system. IMHO you never have enough of anything in a modular, but let not digress. VCA’s are useful little buggers that you simply can’t do without. I’ve build a variety of them in the past, mostly incorporated intoContinue Reading

This one has been in my own rack for a long time already. At the time I hadn’t taken the habit of writing my schematics down consistently. But last week the power got plugged in backwards, which, obviously fried a bunch of stuff. Since I was already taking it apartContinue Reading

This one started out as a stupid idea when coming across a cheap bluetooth module on ali-express. Why not build it in an Eurorack module? Could be fun, maybe even useful for that odd field recording or weird voice message.Continue Reading

Attenuators are handy in modular circuits. Not all modules have input attenuation so they come in handy. Attenuverters are even handier (is that even a word?). It combines attenuation and inversion of the incoming signal.Continue Reading